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Time to Get it Going!!!

November 12, 2011

Actually it is past time.  I have started many diets and failed.  Sound familiar?  I even had the stomach by-pass surgery, lost over 200 lbs and now straight lined.  Need to lose 150 more.

I am an emotional eater and I admit it.  I stress – I eat.  I worry – I eat.  I get embarrassed – I eat. 

Thank goodness I had the by-pass surgery or I would now weigh 10000 lbs!!!!

I need a support group.  Maybe a shrink…but can’t afford one of those.  So a support group and friends are probably better anyway.

Working hard on sticking to the protein regimen I was supposed to stick with after the surgery. 

My sister says I am a food addict.  I would agree except I don’t crave food I just reach for it during emotional times like stress, worry, sad, tired and embarrassed.  I don’t sit and eat a whole cake, chicken whatever.  I eat a bag of chips, snack bar, etc.  not candy bars or anything real sweet they make me nauseous!  And thanks to my by-pass not a lot…but if I would not of strayed from protein I would have dropped on down like I was supposed to.  And 6-7 months ago I started giving into bread again.  Now stopped that one.

So, my goal is to write in this blog and in the blog my “food intake log.”  This blog may be discovered or not.  If it is I hope others will join in with me on a new life journey. 

Yep- New Life Journey!  After this post the word diet will not come up.  Tired of diet.  Diets don’t work.  Changing my life, how I take care of my self, what I do for myself to make me happy.

So the first step to take care of my self is to eat proteins and take my vitamins.  Keep  thoughts.  New Life Journey!!!

Second step is to get my “stuff” organized.  I need to go through and clean out and UNCLUTTER my surroundings.  I will spend one hour a day going through things and either donating to schools or children’s homes or the dump.

Third Step is to take a little time for me.  I get up at 5 go to the office and start working.  I work on websites, my contact data base, put in some of the 10 hours I work for someone else, or letters.  Trying to get my real estate business moving.  And I go home around 6, where my wonderful brother, when he isn’t working has dinner ready.  After dinner I open the computer and start working again.  If he is working I go home earlier and have dinner ready for him (he makes it easy and cooks a BIG pot of something on Sundays) so all I have to do is warm it up and make ice tea.

So join me on my new journey.  We can support each other along the way.



Hello world!

May 21, 2011

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